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      1. 産品中心


        product center



        産品介紹 Product introductions


        FP-ST ultra-thin steel structure fireproof coating is mainly used for the fire protection of some large objects that will be destructed by the fire, such as industrial and civil building's indoor steel structure. It is especially applicable to protect bare steel structure of the venues and industrial factories. It can effectively improve the refractory ability of the steel structure, and have good fire-resistance adornment effect at the same time. It is suitable for coating of cable tray and instrument pipe, etc.

        優點 Advantages


        No benzene class and asbestos materials; After high-temperature foaming, this product will not produces non-toxic gas, which is harmless to human beings; When the film dries, the coating will be tasteless, non-toxic, hard, resistant to knock, and vibration resistance.